My B4B week 2 task

Another year, another EVO workshop, another homework. Actually it’s 3 EVO workshops this time and a whole lot of homework.  It’s been a lot of fun but also hard time trying to keep up with everything.  I’m taking Becoming a Webhead (BaW), Blogging for Beginners (B4B), and ESP Potpourri (ESP). There are other workshops I’d love to take, but 3 are already way too many.

Anyway, one of our 2nd week tasks in the blogging group is creating a Blogger account. I thought instead of creating a new blog, I’d rather keep breathing life into this existing, sadly neglected one. As explained in the previous post in Slovenian, I opened it last year as  BaW 06 homework but I never really knew what to use it for. BaW 06 (exploring web 2.0 tools) was my first online course and a wonderful experience – I liked it so much that I have returned for more (like a whole lot of other old friends). This time I was thrilled to find aboard another Slovenian BaWer, Jasna from Ljubljana.  Anyway,  unsure what to use the blog for, I named it Cyberattic – after my grandmother’s attic which was crammed with lot’s of interesting stuff  – my favorite getaway in the childhood years.

Encouraged by Šarolta, a dear colleague and dedicated blogger from Slovenia, I published  the  first post months after opening the blog, after attending another computer-related hands-on workshop (this time physically, in Ljubljana, Slovenia) organized by our LSP association (The Slovene Association of LSP Teachers). Blogs and wikis were used for collaborative work following the workshop.

It’s been a while since my last and only post here was published, my universal excuse for not keeping up with everything I would like to being my sweet little family (on the picture below, drawn by my 4 year-old). I’m not sure anymore which one is me though, I’ll have to ask the artist when he returns from the kindergarden.
My family by my 4 year-old

I don’t know if my posting habits are going to change drastically in the near future, but at least I’m fulfilling my 2nd week task in Blogging for Beginners.  😉

If I manage to get more into the habit of writing, I would like to use this blog to record my cyber explorations and implementations of interesting tools in classroom.

Dobrodošli na podstrešju

Dobrodošli v mojem blogu. Odprla sem ga kot domačo nalogo s spletne delavnice ‘Becoming a Webhead’ (TESOL EVO 06) in povsem pozabila nanj (kar primerno imenu, ne? ;-)). Ne vem še čisto, čemu naj bi služil, verjetno bodo objave v njem stvar trenutnega navdiha.

Kot otroku mi je bilo babičino podstrešje neskončen vir čudovitih odkritij – svet davno pozabljenih stvari iz vseh koncev in krajev. Imela sem občutek, da z vstopom v ta prostor preidem v drugo časovno dimenzijo. Podobno se počutim zdaj, leta kasneje, ko tamali sladko zaspijo in jaz kradoma sedem za računalo in se odpravim novim spoznanjem naproti.